As quickly as possible and for everything it’s worth, let’s get your home sold.

As quickly as possible and for everything it’s worth, let’s get your home sold.

It’s Going to Be an Easy Sale

The Road to Your Next Destination Just Got a Whole Lot Smoother

Selling your house shouldn’t interfere with where you’re going next. I am ready to help get you settled.

There’s no shortage of realtors who can sell your home. Still, it doesn’t take a degree in statistics to understand even the most experienced realtor will do an average job, at best—which is not who you want selling your most valuable asset. But working with Whitney, you have my word that only the best offer makes it to the table.

What is My Home Worth?

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Whitney’s Selling Process —Step by Step

There’s a lot that goes into selling your home, here’s a simple guide to how it’s done.

Frequently Asked Questions

People consistently buy homes year-round in Indianapolis. In short, the best time to sell your home is to get started today.

Homes in Indianapolis are typically sold in 28 days or less.

Your agent will guide you through each step of preparing your home for sale. You can also read about what to expect here.

You’re required to disclose all information regarding material defects, especially those that affect any major home systems.

If you’re like most people, yes—especially if you’re planning to apply the built-up equity in your current home to your new home’s down payment.

Think of your list price as the goal you set before negotiating with buyers, and your sale price as the amount you actually receive after negotiation.

Your home’s assessed value has nothing to do with its worth to potential buyers or ultimate market value. It is simply your local municipality’s assessed tax rate.

Do yourself a favor and don’t. The figures generated from websites like Trulia and Zillow are reliably inaccurate and typically even outside the same ballpark. 

A sale contingency is when a potential buyer submits an offer but first must sell their current home before they can complete the purchase.

Using a realtor means your home makes it into the MLS database, expanding the number of buyers your listing can reach and significantly increasing the final sale price of your home.

What seems like a good strategy at first glance will almost always result in a lower sale price.  This not only ensures your home stays on the market for longer, but once you inevitably have to lower the price, buyers and other agents will attribute it to a suspect reason.

In most cases, the commission rate is 6% of the final sale price. For a breakdown of that number and the services it covers, your agent will be more than happy to answer any questions and address your concerns.